Lifelong learning

If you follow Sunday Baroque on Facebook, you may have seen the recent posts from Germany. I was privileged to travel with a group of music lovers to significant places, including Berlin, Leipzig, K├Âthen, Arnstadt, and Dresden, where we were steeped in the history, architecture, art and music of the region, including several musical performances. This was a group of experienced travelers, some of whom had been to these cities before our trip. It was also a group of sophisticated concertgoers, who regularly attend musical performances in their own communities across the United States. And yet, what was so extraordinary — and inspiring — was the sense of wonder, enthusiasm, delight, and appreciation for everything we encountered. We learned new things about Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, and other musicians — not just their music, but their personal lives and the world in which they lived. We also gained more nuanced perspectives about historical events in world history as we walked the streets where they occurred. It was an affirmation and a welcome reminder that we can always learn something new when were are open to the experience. I return to work now with a renewed sense of optimism and appreciation for new experiences in everyday life, and I thank my fellow travelers for their inspiring spirit and attitudes.