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Sometimes you want more details about the music you hear on Sunday Baroque, and you can't always check our website right away. That's why each week's music playlist is archived here. Look up the details on the music you enjoyed — we provide all the information you'll need to order the CD or download it from your preferred retailer. If you need help identifying something, feel free to drop us a line. Thanks for your interest in Sunday Baroque.

gift wrap
Dec 7 2018
It’s become a Sunday Baroque holiday tradition to compile a list of recommended recordings for holiday gift-giving. Every week throughout December on Sunday Baroque, you can audition a few tracks from some terrific CDs included on this year’s Sunday Baroque Holiday Gift List.

Nov 30 2018
This year Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, begins on December 2 and continues through December 10. Sunday Baroque's variety of seasonal selections will include highlights from George Frederic Handel's stirring oratorio JUDAS MACCABAEUS.

Nov 23 2018
Our Thanksgiving holiday was originally intended as an expression of gratitude for a successful harvest and hunt. As you’re wrapping up your Thanksgiving holiday weekend, cleaning up after the guests and finishing up the leftovers, Sunday Baroque will feature music that celebrates gratitude and the Autumn season.

Arcangelo Corelli
Nov 16 2018
Arcangelo Corelli was admired and emulated by many other musicians – Georg Philipp Telemann composed several Sonatas in tribute to the older Italian composer, and Francesco Maria Veracini had his own ideas for how to improve Corelli’s Violin Sonatas. Sunday Baroque will highlight Arcangelo Corelli’s artistry and other musicians’ tributes to him.

Remembrance Day
Nov 9 2018
Our annual observance of Veteran’s Day on November 11th began as Armistice Day, marking the truce of World War I. It evolved into our current annual tribute to all American veterans who have served our country. This weekend’s highlights include some of Telemann’s HEROIC MARCHES on Sunday Baroque.

Nov 2 2018
This is the weekend the clocks “fall back” to standard time, so what will YOU do with your extra hour on Sunday? We turn back the clock every week on Sunday Baroque to feature music from a less complicated time –it’s the perfect antidote to our stressful, modern lives! I hope you’ll spend your extra hour this weekend with Sunday Baroque.

Oct 26 2018
Halloween is coming up this week, and in ancient times, the occasion was observed as the eve of the new year, a time when the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped. No tricks in our goodie bag, but Sunday Baroque will hand out spooky musical treats.

United Nations
Oct 19 2018
The United Nations was founded in 1945, and each year that occasion is celebrated on October 24th. In honor of UN DAY, Sunday Baroque will offer a multi-cultural collection of musical ideas, including charming English madrigals, a flute suite by a mystery Frenchman, and a Suite by Georg Philipp Telemann that was partly inspired by Polish Folk Music.

Milky Way
Oct 12 2018
The International Space Station …the discovery of water on Mars … space shuttles… there have been so many amazing technological feats and discoveries about our universe. Back in 1977, NASA launched the Voyager space probe to study Jupiter and Saturn. On board was a 12-inch disc containing a variety of sounds from Earth, including music. In honor of the October 20th celebration of ASTRONOMY DAY, Sunday Baroque will feature some of the baroque music included on that historic, celestial soundtrack.

Oct 5 2018
“In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue” And what did he and his fellow adventurers sail on -- besides the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria? They sailed on the WATER! Sunday Baroque will offer some stormy concertos, some of George Frideric Handel’s Water Music, and other musical discoveries for Columbus Day weekend.

Sep 28 2018
Annual Oktoberfests are popular in the fall, not only in Germany but in communities across the globe. Sunday Baroque will roll out a barrel of German baroque music to get you into the spirit, even if you can’t get to Munich.

Jean-Philippe Rameau
Sep 20 2018
Life in the 18th century was not necessarily a picnic. People lacked modern comforts we enjoy, like anesthesia, antiseptic, indoor plumbing and sewers. 18th century life may have been nasty and brutish, but it wasn’t necessarily short. Sunday Baroque will feature baroque musicians who long outlived the average lifespan of their peers, reaching age 80 and beyond.