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Canada Day
May 18 2018
It’s a big holiday weekend in Canada – Monday the 21st is VICTORIA DAY. Like many community celebrations, it’s a time for fireworks, parties, special foods, and a day off for many people! As we all know, MUSIC is an essential part of a good celebration, too – and you can listen to some of Canada’s excellent musicians play Baroque music. This week on Sunday Baroque.

May 11 2018
Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate musical mothers, including the super-mom who raised Johann Sebastian Bach's large family. Sunday Baroque will provide cheerful musical accompaniment.

Piffaro Los Ministriles in the New World
May 4 2018
Sunday Baroque throws a fiesta in celebration of the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo -- the "5th of May" -- including music from the baroque era written by composers who lived and worked in "New Spain" during the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as some 20th century musicians with personal ties to Mexico.

Apr 27 2018
Although the saying is, “Two’s company, three’s a crowd” the number 3 has symbolism ranging from philosophy and religion, to mathematics and physics. There are three primary colors, it’s the first odd prime number, and Shakespeare wrote about “three weird sisters,” to name just a few. There is also wonderful music written featuring 3 instruments, and three’s a charm on Sunday Baroque.

Nature Walk
Apr 20 2018
Musicians have long been inspired by nature – from animals and flowers, to weather and seasons, even natural disasters. In honor of the annual April 22 observance of EARTH DAY Sunday Baroque will take you on a musical nature walk.

Piggy Bank
Apr 13 2018
With the tax return deadline looming, Sunday Baroque will feature music by a few baroque era composers who had a hard time managing their money. They include Francesco Geminiani, who lived way beyond his means, and Pierre Gautier, who spent time in debtor’s prison.

William Shakespeare
Apr 6 2018
April is the Academy of American Poets’ annual celebration NATIONAL POETRY MONTH – highlighting the art form and its place in our culture. Sunday Baroque will mark the occasion with poetic music by a variety of composers.

Easter Eggs
Mar 30 2018
This season is a time of spiritual reflection, hopeful renewal, and reconciliation. Sunday Baroque will celebrate Easter with music illustrating the broadly uplifting and optimistic spirit of this season.

Mar 23 2018
It’s the first Sunday in Spring, and Sunday Baroque will welcome its return with sunny, optimistic music celebrating the season of renewal. You’ll hear favorites including Antonio Vivaldi’s SPRING Concerto from the Four Seasons, along with plenty of cheerful surprises.

Johann Sebastian Bach
Mar 16 2018
Prolific composer … demanding teacher … gifted keyboard and violin player: Johann Sebastian Bach’s genius continues to inspire musicians and music lovers into the 21st century. Bach was born in March in 1685 and every year Sunday Baroque throws a BACH BIRTHDAY BASH, with an entire program devoted to Bach’s music!

Jeannette Sorrell
Mar 9 2018
March is Women’s History Month, and Sunday Baroque will mark the occasion with performances by some outstanding women in music, including Jeannette Sorrell and Michi Gaigg, who each founded and lead their own musical ensembles.

Antonio Vivaldi
Mar 2 2018
Antonio Vivaldi was a violinist and composer, as well as a teacher, mentor and role model. In addition to the hundreds of concertos he composed, Vivaldi also wrote operas, sonatas and church music. In honor of the versatile Baroque musician, Sunday Baroque will share a broad variety of Antonio Vivaldi’s music.