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Sometimes you want more details about the music you hear on Sunday Baroque, and you can't always check our website right away. That's why each week's music playlist is archived here. Look up the details on the music you enjoyed — we provide all the information you'll need to order the CD or download it from your preferred retailer. If you need help identifying something, feel free to drop us a line. Thanks for your interest in Sunday Baroque.

Earth Day
Apr 21 2017
The original signers of the Earth Day proclamation in 1970 hoped for an international EARTH DAY each year to draw people together in appreciation of our mutual home on this planet, and to bring a global feeling of community. Sunday Baroque celebrates Earth Day with music inspired by nature.

Apr 14 2017
Throughout history, flowers have taken on a wide range of symbolism, such as Easter lilies, Christmas poinsettias, and Valentine’s red roses. The spring flower Ranunculus, a type of buttercup, is nicknamed the “resurrection plant.” And the summer Poppy is a symbol of sleep, death, and also resurrection. They are two of the blossoms in Sunday Baroque’s Easter bouquet of music.

Felix Mendelssohn
Apr 7 2017
For many years after Johann Sebastian Bach’s death in 1750, his music was on the back burner – not performed very much, and not particularly popular. But 19th century musician Felix Mendelssohn revered the Baroque era musician, and staged a performance of Bach’s ST MATTHEW PASSION that began to shift public opinion of Bach. Sunday Baroque will highlight some of the music that reintroduced Bach to modern audiences.

The Jester - Judith_Leyster
Mar 31 2017
April is National Humor Month … and there’s no shortage of humor in Baroque music. Sunday Baroque will feature the lighter side of music, from Comic Concertos to incidental theatre music written for comedies. Their music will put a smile on your face.

Johann Sebastian Bach
Mar 24 2017
Prolific composer … demanding teacher … gifted keyboard and violin player: Johann Sebastian Bach’s genius continues to inspire musicians and music lovers centuries after his time. Bach was born in March in 1685 (March 21st by the Julian Calendar – March 31st by the Gregorian calendar), and every year Sunday Baroque throws a BACH BIRTHDAY BASH, with an entire program devoted to Bach’s music!

Mar 17 2017
Sunday Baroque welcomes the arrival of Spring on March 20 with sunny, optimistic music celebrating the season of renewal. You’ll hear favorites including Antonio Vivaldi’s SPRING Concerto from the Four Seasons, along with plenty of cheerful surprises.

Queen Esther Purim
Mar 10 2017
One of George Frideric Handel’s oratorios was based on the biblical Queen Esther, whose story is the subject of the joyous Jewish festival of Purim, which is celebrated this weekend. Handel’s ESTHER is some of the extraordinary music you’ll encounter on Sunday Baroque.

Jeanne Lamon
Mar 3 2017
March is Women’s History Month, and March 8th is the annual observance of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. Sunday Baroque will mark the occasion with performances by some outstanding women in music, such as violinist and conductor Jeanne Lamon and conductor Joann Falletta.

Oscars 2017
Feb 24 2017
Hollywood has made ample use of Baroque music, from psychological thrillers to romantic dramas to comedies. You’ll want popcorn, candy and a soft drink to enjoy as Sunday Baroque offers a blockbuster program of baroque music from the movies in anticipation of the 89th Academy Awards ceremony.

John Quincy Adams
Feb 17 2017
John Quincy Adams loved music, and when he was courting his wife, they often sang together. One of their favorites was George Frideric Handel’s oratorio THEODORA. You’ll hear selections from it, and other music and musicians celebrated by US Presidents on this President’s Day weekend.

Venus and Adonis, Peter Paul Rubens (1630s)
Feb 10 2017
Love and lovers are popular themes for poetry, painting, sculpture, and literature. For Valentine's Day weekend, Sunday Baroque will show how some baroque composers made beautiful music about lovers and love.

Feb 3 2017
February is National Bird Feeding Month, and Sunday Baroque will celebrate with baroque music about birds and imitating birdsongs, including cuckoos, nightingales and goldfinches. This program is for the birds!