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Aug 18 2017
18th century musicians’ lives were in many ways just as busy and hectic as ours, only without the technology we enjoy today. Composer Jan Dismas Zelenka wrote a set of “Six Concertos Written in a Hurry in Prague” while he was on the go, go, go. You can hear one of them Sunday Baroque as you relax on your day off.

Stradivarius Violin
Aug 11 2017
Musicians’ instruments are among their most important tools. Sunday Baroque will offer you a chance to hear a few performers using extraordinary instruments, including antique trumpets, a golden flute, and instruments made by the venerable craftsman Antonio Stradivari.

Peter and Zoltán Katona
Aug 4 2017
The world’s largest annual gathering of twins takes place in Twinsburg, Ohio on the first full weekend in August. Sunday Baroque will get into the spirit by featuring some talented and noteworthy twins in music.

Ferris Wheel
Jul 28 2017
Summer is the perfect time for fun and games, and Sunday Baroque will feature music evoking good cheer, including a pleasurable Concerto by Antonio Vivaldi, Francois Couperin’s Happy Ideas, and a Cheerful Oboe Sonata by Jean-Baptiste Loeillet. For a good time, call Sunday Baroque!

Flag of Sweden
Jul 21 2017
Whether you’re going away on vacation this summer or staying close to home, Sunday Baroque will take you on a first class European tour of some exciting destinations. You can enjoy a musical tour of Sweden, Italy and England courtesy of some of the composers who lived and worked there in the 16th through 18th centuries.

Bastille Day 2015
Jul 14 2017
Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité! France celebrates its annual Fête Nationale on July 14th. Bastille Day is France's annual commemoration of the start of the Revolution that brought down the monarchy, and like our Fourth of July celebrations, there are parades, fireworks and parties. Sunday Baroque will celebrate with a variety of baroque and early music by French musicians.

Thames River
Jul 7 2017
While you’re relaxing on the weekend, Sunday Baroque helps you beat the heat with a few of the greatest hits of the baroque era, including some of George Frideric Handel’s Water Music and one of Johann Sebastian Bach’s beloved Brandenburg Concertos.

Jun 30 2017
There are many fine performing ensembles across the United States. Sunday Baroque will celebrate the Independence Day holiday weekend with exciting performances by a few all-American groups based in communities from coast to coast.

Carmel Bach Festival
Jun 23 2017
The Summer music festival season has begun! These events attract musicians from all over the world to perform baroque music. As you consider your summer vacation plans, Sunday Baroque gives you the scoop on a few upcoming festivals to help you make your plans.

Father Knows Best
Jun 16 2017
Sonora Smart Dodd introduced the idea of Father’s Day about a century ago, and her modest proposal grew into a permanent national observance of the occasion on the third Sunday in June every year. This weekend on Sunday Baroque you’ll hear music by a variety of proud musical fathers and their talented offspring.

English Dancing Master
Jun 9 2017
Maggots … Stingo … and an Italian Rant. As strange as they sound, those were the names of popular country dances in the 17th century. “Stingo” was a strong beer or liquor, and “Maggot” is an old word for whimsy. They are some of the tunes included in John Playford’s ENGLISH DANCING MASTER, and you’ll hear them on Sunday Baroque.

wedding flowers
Jun 2 2017
June has long been a popular month for weddings, maybe because it’s named after the goddess Juno, patroness of marriage. Baroque music is often used to provide a celebratory tone for wedding ceremonies, and Sunday Baroque will feature a few wedding favorites.