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JS Bach
Mar 22 2019
Johann Sebastian Bach was a prolific composer, a demanding teacher, and a skilled keyboard and violin player. Bach was born in March of 1685, and Sunday Baroque will celebrate the occasion with an all-Bach program devoted to musical highlights from his extraordinary career. It's the annual Sunday Baroque Bach Birthday Bash!

Harp Ireland
Mar 15 2019
In honor of St. Paddy’s Day, one of the most famous Irish classical musicians performs a baroque concerto on Sunday Baroque … even though he started on pennywhistle, he’ll use his famous golden flute.

Georg Philipp Telemann
Mar 8 2019
Georg Philipp Telemann was a highly respected and admired musician – he was an innovative composer, a clever businessman, and an educator who wrote charming musical exercises. Sunday Baroque will explore Telemann’s musical legacy with some highlights by the astonishingly prolific composer.

Princess Anna Amalia
Mar 1 2019
March is Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day is observed every March 8th. Sunday Baroque will feature the work of inspiring women musicians from the baroque era, including Elizabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre, who started as a child prodigy harpsichordist, and Princess Anna Amalia of Prussia, who shared a love of music with her big brother, King Frederick.

Handel statue
Feb 22 2019
Some of the most beloved and familiar baroque music was composed by George Frideric Handel, who was born on February 23rd in 1685, about a month before Johann Sebastian Bach. Sunday Baroque will throw a little birthday party for Handel, with a cross-section of his toe-tapping and beloved music.

Mount Rushmore
Feb 15 2019
George Washington loved music, attending concerts and dancing, and encouraging his stepdaughter’s musical studies. Much later, composers Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland and Igor Stravinsky all visited the Kennedy White House. In observance of President’s Day weekend, Sunday Baroque will highlight music and musicians who’ve earned the Presidential seal of approval.

Feb 8 2019
“Love is friendship set to music” goes one saying. In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, Sunday Baroque will feature performances by some noteworthy musical friends that blossomed into love. They include flutist Gwyn Roberts and lutenist Richard Stone who met at a gig, and went on to marry and form the period instrument group Tempesta di Mare.

Chinese New Year
Feb 1 2019
Chinese New Year in 2019 is on Tuesday, February 5th, and Sunday Baroque will help usher in the Year of the Pig with performances by a number of outstanding classical musicians with Chinese heritage, such as cellist Yo-Yo Ma and guitarist Xuefei Yang.

Sydney Opera House
Jan 25 2019
In the early 1800s, people began observing AUSTRALIA DAY on January 26th. It’s a huge national occasion that celebrates the land, people, democracy, and culture of Australia. In honor of the holiday, Sunday Baroque will highlight some Australian soloists and ensembles playing baroque music.

Jan 18 2019
Have you adjusted to writing “2019” yet?? Well, to help you remember – and to celebrate the sounds that were in fashion 300 years ago – Sunday Baroque will share baroque music from the year 1719.

Jan 11 2019
January is National Braille Literacy Month, celebrating inventor Louis Braille, who was born on January 4, 1809. Music was an important part of Braille’s life, and a number of talented musicians in history happened to be vision impaired. Sunday Baroque will feature some of them from the baroque era.

Johann Sebastian Bach
Jan 4 2019
On this first Sunday of the new year, Sunday Baroque will highlight some beloved and familiar favorites from the baroque era by Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, and George Frideric Handel.