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Sometimes you want more details about the music you hear on Sunday Baroque, and you can't always check our website right away. That's why each week's music playlist is archived here. Look up the details on the music you enjoyed — we provide all the information you'll need to order the CD or download it from your preferred retailer. If you need help identifying something, feel free to drop us a line. Thanks for your interest in Sunday Baroque.

Johann Sebastian Bach
Mar 16 2018
Prolific composer … demanding teacher … gifted keyboard and violin player: Johann Sebastian Bach’s genius continues to inspire musicians and music lovers into the 21st century. Bach was born in March in 1685 and every year Sunday Baroque throws a BACH BIRTHDAY BASH, with an entire program devoted to Bach’s music!

Jeannette Sorrell
Mar 9 2018
March is Women’s History Month, and Sunday Baroque will mark the occasion with performances by some outstanding women in music, including Jeannette Sorrell and Michi Gaigg, who each founded and lead their own musical ensembles.

Antonio Vivaldi
Mar 2 2018
Antonio Vivaldi was a violinist and composer, as well as a teacher, mentor and role model. In addition to the hundreds of concertos he composed, Vivaldi also wrote operas, sonatas and church music. In honor of the versatile Baroque musician, Sunday Baroque will share a broad variety of Antonio Vivaldi’s music.

Feb 23 2018
February is National Bird Feeding Month, and Sunday Baroque will celebrate with baroque music about birds and imitating birdsongs. Highlights include George Frideric Handel’s “Cuckoo and Nightingale” Concerto, and an early English composer’s Swan Song.

Chinese New Year
Feb 16 2018
Chinese New Year begins on February 16, so as the year of the Earth Dog begins, Sunday Baroque will highlight some of the outstanding classical musicians of Chinese heritage, including cellist Yo Yo Ma and guitarist Xuefei Yang.

Feb 9 2018
The writer and philosopher Joseph Campbell said, “Love is a friendship set to music.” You’ll hear some musical friendships that blossomed into love – couples who bonded over their shared musical talents. In anticipation of Valentine's Day, Sunday Baroque will feature a few noteworthy musical partnerships.

Sunflower with Bee
Feb 2 2018
It’s the dead of winter, and many of us could use a little pick-me-up. Sunday Baroque will transport you to the warmth of Summer, complete with fireworks, flowers, and a lovely stroll through a poetic garden.

Louis XIII
Jan 26 2018
Many of France’s Kings loved music and employed numerous performing ensembles as part of their entourage. One of the elite groups was called Les Vingt-quatre Violons du Roi – the King’s 24 Violins, and composers Jacques Aubert, Jean-Fery Rebel and Jean-Baptiste Lully were all members of the group. Sunday Baroque will feature some of their music.

Sylvius Leopold Weiss
Jan 19 2018
Johann Sebastian Bach’s artistry is viewed by many as the “gold standard” for musicians to emulate. Sunday Baroque celebrates some of Bach’s contemporaries, including a German colleague who was called the “Bach of the lute,” one praised as the “French Bach,” the so-called “Spanish Bach” and music by the one and only Johann Sebastian Bach himself.

Dario Castello
Jan 12 2018
For every familiar composer like Bach and Handel, there were countless other baroque era musicians whose names are not nearly as well known. That doesn’t mean they weren’t as talented or that their music wasn’t as enjoyable. Sunday Baroque will feature a few of those undeservedly neglected baroque composers.

Hunting Horn
Jan 5 2018
Every year, the first of January is designated as a day to celebrate those whose last names begin with the letter Z. It’s their chance to go FIRST for a change! So on the first Sunday of the new year, Sunday Baroque will mark the occasion with music by Jan Zelenka, Domenico Zipoli, and Lorenzo Zavateri, to name a few.

Arion - Rebelles Baroque
Dec 29 2017
On this final Sunday of the year, Sunday Baroque will revisit some of the top baroque and early music recordings released during 2017, including one last opportunity to audition selections from the Sunday Baroque Holiday Gift List.