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Sometimes you want more details about the music you hear on Sunday Baroque, and you can't always check our website right away. That's why each week's music playlist is archived here. Look up the details on the music you enjoyed — we provide all the information you'll need to order the CD or download it from your preferred retailer. If you need help identifying something, feel free to drop us a line. Thanks for your interest in Sunday Baroque.

Oct 21 2016
United Nations Day is celebrated annually on October 24th, commemorating the establishment of the UN. Sunday Baroque marks the occasion with diverse international selections, including baroque music from Sweden and Scotland.

Oct 14 2016
Music can have many effects, from soothing to cheery to energizing. Music can even be humorous or bizarre! Sunday Baroque will have fun with some over-the-top music, including a burlesque overture, a French opera about a swamp beast, and an extravagant Venetian Concerto.

Oct 7 2016
In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. .. the first Columbus Day celebration in this country took place in 1792, and Sunday Baroque will mark the holiday weekend with music from Columbus’s time in the late 15th century, and a musical portrayal of a stormy sea like Columbus and his crew might have encountered.

Sep 30 2016
In 1669, at the tender age of 20, John Blow stepped into the prestigious job of organist at Westminster Abbey. More than 300 years later, the Westminster Abbey Choir recorded some of John Blow’s Coronation Anthems. You’ll hear two of them on Sunday Baroque this weekend.

Sep 23 2016
September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day, and Sunday Baroque will use the occasion to feature some of our good neighbors to the north: outstanding Canadian ensembles and musicians who specialize in playing baroque and early music.

Sep 16 2016
The baroque era may have ended in 1750, but despite the centuries since there are still wonderful new recordings of baroque music being released all the time. Sunday Baroque will give you a chance to audition a few of the top recent releases.

Sep 9 2016
Sunday Baroque will mark this solemn anniversary with reflective and uplifting music, including a magnificent 16th century motet and selections from Johann Sebastian Bach’s St. Matthew Passion setting.

Sep 2 2016
Sunday Baroque celebrates Labor Day weekend with a variety of music by one of the hardest working baroque composers: Georg Philipp Telemann. Over his 86 years, he earned a reputation as a respected and innovative musician, and a composer of record-setting scope.

Aug 26 2016
“To sing well and to dance is to be well educated,” according to Plato. You can appreciate the joyful sounds of Renaissance and Baroque dance music, including Johann Sebastian Bach’s First Orchestral Suite, which features a variety of popular baroque era dance forms. Feel free to sing and dance along when you hear it this week on Sunday Baroque.

Aug 19 2016
We'll burst a few bubbles this weekend, taking a look at some of music’s apocryphal stories, questionable legends and misattributions. Did Albinoni really compose his famous Adagio? Did Palestrina really “save” church music? And was Handel really inspired by the humming of a blacksmith? Find out this weekend on Sunday Baroque.

Aug 12 2016
Antonio Vivaldi is known as the “concerto king” for writing several hundred concertos. But what you may not know is that Vivaldi also wrote operas -- nearly 100, according to the composer’s estimate -- although only about 50 of them survive. You’ll hear selections from one of Vivaldi’s operas AND one of his concertos this week on Sunday Baroque.

Aug 5 2016
Vying for the same jobs and courting the same patrons, Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Philipp Telemann COULD have been rivals, but instead they were friends. In honor of National Friendship Day on Sunday, you’ll hear music by both men as a highlight of Sunday Baroque.