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Sometimes you want more details about the music you hear on Sunday Baroque, and you can't always check our website right away. That's why each week's music playlist is archived here. Look up the details on the music you enjoyed — we provide all the information you'll need to order the CD or download it from your preferred retailer. If you need help identifying something, feel free to drop us a line. Thanks for your interest in Sunday Baroque.

Jesus Lopez-Cobos
Sep 14 2018
Mexico celebrates Independence Day on September 16 every year, and in 1988 President Ronald Reagan established an annual 30 day celebration of Hispanic Heritage in the United States from September 15-October 15. Sunday Baroque will highlight some musicians who have contributed to that rich cultural heritage.

music book
Sep 7 2018
In addition to playing an instrument and composing, some musicians also wrote essays or books to communicate their ideas and philosophies to other composers and performers. Johann Quantz wrote a book about playing the flute, and Johann Fux authored a composition book. On Sunday Baroque you’ll hear how those musical authors practiced what they preached.

Aug 31 2018
As you’re relaxing Sunday, maybe enjoying extra time off, you can listen to some very hard-working musicians. Some of the world’s most-recorded classical musicians will play music by some of the hardest-working 18th century musicians. It’s the highlight of Sunday Baroque this Labor Day holiday weekend.

Antonio Vivaldi
Aug 24 2018
Spanish organist and singer Tomas Luis de Victoria balanced his duties as a composer with his duties as a royal chaplain. Composer Isabella Leonarda was 16 years old when she entered the Ursuline convent. And violinist Antonio Vivaldi was ordained as a priest, made music his career. In addition to their religious vocations, all three were also called to lives in music, and we'll highlight some of their work.

English Dancing Master
Aug 18 2018
A Chaconne is a musical form used by many Baroque composers. One of the most familiar ones was by Johann Sebastian Bach. It’s a mesmerizing movement from one of Bach’s Solo Violin Partitas. Sunday Baroque will feature Bach’s captivating Chaconne.

Westminster Abbey
Aug 10 2018
London’s Westminster Abbey is the final resting place of more than 3,000 people, including kings and queens, scientists and soldiers, politicians and poets, actors and architects. It’s also where some of history’s great musicians are laid to rest, including George Frideric Handel and Henry Purcell. Sunday Baroque will take a tour of Westminster Abbey’s famous inhabitants from the world of baroque music.

Peter and Zoltán Katona
Aug 3 2018
The world's largest annual gathering of twins takes place in Twinsburg, Ohio on the first full weekend in August. This year it’s August 3-5. Sunday Baroque will get into the spirit showcasing double the talent of some noteworthy twins in music.

American Bach Soloists Academy Orchestra
Jul 27 2018
Summer music festival season is here, and baroque music is popular on many festival programs. You can hear about a few terrific music festivals, and sample some of the artistry celebrated at them, this weekend on Sunday Baroque.

Benjamin Franklin - Glass Armonica
Jul 20 2018
Patrons have always played a huge and important role in supporting the arts – and baroque era musicians often relied on royal patrons or the church for their livelihoods. Those composers understood how important it was to butter up their supporters, and they sometimes even dedicated music to those VIPs. Sunday Baroque will feature some of their work.

Bastille Day 2015
Jul 13 2018
Bastille Day is celebrated every July 14th – it’s France’s commemoration of the start of the Revolution. Sunday Baroque celebrates Bastille Day with music by French baroque musicians, such as master viola da gamba player Marin Marais who worked in the French royal court in the late 1600s, as well as music composed by his teacher – Monsieur de Ste-Colombe.

Rediscoveries from the Sara Levy Collection
Jul 6 2018
New recordings of baroque and early music are being released all the time, and they range from familiar favorites to fresh, newly discovered music. This week Sunday Baroque will showcase a few of the most interesting and entertaining new releases, to give you some ideas for music to add to your OWN playlist.

Jun 29 2018
In celebration of the Fourth of July holiday, Sunday Baroque will feature some of the greatest hits of the baroque. And since no proper Fourth of July celebration is complete without spectacular Fireworks, they include a performance of one of George Frideric Handel’s greatest hits, too.