Just what the doctor ordered

Last week I was rehearsing for an upcoming concert with two other musicians, one of whom is not only a fine pianist but also a cardiac surgeon. To accommodate her schedule, we rehearsed in the lobby of the hospital where there is a fine quality grand piano. It was purchased specifically to allow for these spontaneous musical encounters by patients, staff, and visitors. As we played, people stopped to listen, watched intently, clapped when we finished a section, and a few even made a point to come over and sit down to rest and listen for a while. Unfortunately it’s all too rare for most people to experience music in their everyday lives — especially live music, up close. How smart of the hospital to recognize the value of such musical encounters on people’s health and well-being! One woman enjoyed her break and a snack on a couch nearby as we played, and when we were done she gave a big sigh and said, “You have NO IDEA how relaxed that made me feel.” Oh yes we do … we most certainly do!

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