If you missed any of the latest Sunday Baroque program, or want to hear it again, here it is!

About Sunday Baroque

Sunday Baroque is a weekly radio program that showcases music composed in the baroque era (1600-1750) and the years leading up to it. Sunday Baroque features music by a wide range of composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel and Antonio Vivaldi, who were the “big names” of the baroque era, in addition to their many talented but less well known contemporaries.

Like any art form, music is living and breathing, and Sunday Baroque presents performances on both historical and modern instruments to illustrate that evolution, and provide contrast and texture. The performers featured on the program include legendary musicians as well as newcomers. The mood of the music on Sunday Baroque includes boisterous and cheerful tunes, as well as ethereal and uplifting melodies, intimate chamber works and larger ensembles. Sunday Baroque host Suzanne Bona presents interesting tidbits about the music and musicians, with brief stories and context, while always keeping the music itself the “star” of the show.

The guiding principle of Sunday Baroque is to provide entertainment by featuring great music performed well.

There are four fresh hours of Sunday Baroque created every week, 52 weeks a year. Radio stations across the country broadcast as many hours of the program as they choose, based on their listeners’ interests and their local schedules. There is also an online audio stream in case your local station does not broadcast all four hours, or if you would like to hear the program again in the week following broadcast.