World Kindness Day

Today is (apparently) World Kindness Day. I was alerted to this by a kind friend, and in looking up the observance I learned it was established on November 13, 1997 by a consortium of humanitarian groups. They wanted to encourage people to do something kind, whether it’s donating time, money or goods to a worthy organization or person, or committing an act of kindness — large or small — for a friend or stranger.

I LOVE the idea of World Kindness Day, and the idea of kindness has been looming large in my consciousness, especially lately. In the last few days alone I have been the recipient of kind words from Sunday Baroque listeners telling me how much they enjoy the music on the program. I experienced the kindness of two extraordinarily talented musician friends who shared their artistry with an enthusiastic audience to benefit a local public radio station, AND extended the kindness of letting me perform with them. I also witnessed the kindness of a group of people — including several strangers — spending hours helping a friend search for a beloved missing pet.

Being kind is simple and inexpensive, and yet quite valuable. It benefits the recipient as well as the giver of the kindness, and it benefits society.  So I’m on a mission today to seek out ways to commit random acts of kindness, and I invite you to join me. Do something kind, witness an act of kindness, or accept an act of kindness and pass it along. Thanks for YOUR kindness!