Two outstanding women!

March is the annual celebration of Women’s History Month. It’s designated as a time to  celebrate the vital role of women in American history, as well as applaud the contributions of contemporary women in all fields of work.

It’s a perfect opportunity to single out two outstanding women for well deserved praise and celebration: Julie Freddino and Joelle Schrock. They are the two behind-the-scenes producers at Sunday Baroque, and you may recognize their names from the credits you hear each week on the program. They do the hands-on work to load the CDs you hear, manipulate computer files, edit audio, comb through the finished product to make sure it’s perfect, work on the website, interact with staff at stations around the country who broadcast Sunday Baroque, provide helpful feedback and suggestions to me, and so much more. They are dedicated and disciplined, capable and creative, enthusiastic and eager to excel. Each is a dynamo on her own — together they are an amazing team!

While I get to be the public face (voice) of Sunday Baroque, Julie and Joelle are the solid foundation of the operation. EVERYTHING you hear has been touched by one or both of them in some way. So, here’s to you, Julie and Joelle, with thanks for ALL you do!


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