Music Hath Charms to Soothe a Savage Breast …

Listening to the news about the effects of Hurricane Harvey this morning, I heard an inspiring story about a Houston businessman who reached out to his neighbors needing shelter. He has a large mattress store, so it was the perfect place for people who needed a safe, dry place to sleep in the aftermath of the devastation. The story was inspiring all on its own, and it warmed my heart even more when the announcer added that the businessman also welcomed people’s pets. Our hearts go out to people devastated by such an unimaginable tragedy. And the tragedy is compounded for someone who must leave behind a beloved pet, so it was especially moving that the big-hearted Houston mattress store owner’s heart is big enough to welcome ALL creatures great and small.

It got me thinking about how our pets stake a claim on our hearts and in our everyday lives. I frequently hear from listeners who say they leave the radio on playing classical music for their pets when they’re not home, as well as people who say their pets (or farm animals!) respond positively to hearing music.

Suzanne Bona and Punkin

If you follow Sunday Baroque on Facebook, you may have seen photos of my “lovely assistant” sprawled across the computer keyboard or snoozing on my desk. Punkin is a 3 year old shelter cat, and while she didn’t know much about music when she came to live here as a kitten, she quickly got up to speed as my Sunday Baroque honorary co-producer. She’s not too crazy about the flute playing that goes on in this household — ok, ok, she hates it, actually. But she seems to enjoy all the baroque music she hears on CDs and on the radio. And while I can’t say music soothes this little savage — she is the most high-energy, hyperactive pet I’ve ever had — the music AND the energetic little savage definitely soothe this mistress!


I’d love to hear about your pets, how they claim your heart and especially, if they respond to music! I have a feeling Sunday Baroque listeners have some great stories to share about music and pets.

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  1. Atelier Philidor on

    Hi there
    I have the same at home: Sacha, the Atelier Philidor publisher assistant – 14-year old shelter, still very energetic cat, born in Paris, France, and living now in Toronto with his catmate Capucine – always on my desk when I restore early music scores, hating when I grab my traverso or sing – I have to say it’s a bit humiliating 🙂 – but happy to listen to the viol, enjoying also listening early music CDs… Capucine, on the contrary, she has no interest at all in music !!! I would be devastated to leave them behind me in case of a disaster…
    Thanks a lot for your post, Best, Emma

  2. Bobbie Shelby on

    We had a Jack Russel Terrier named Fidget. She was very nervous. I fed her in the morning and evening. Fidget’s bowl was by the piano in our breakfast room. I would practice the piano while she ate and it calmed her down. It was good way for me to start playing and it helped our little dog.

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