A brush with greatness!

Ton Koopman Suzanne Bona

I’ve had the great fortune to meet many people who are famous for their extraordinary talents, and today I met another. Dutch organist, harpsichordist and conductor Ton Koopman is an expert on baroque music, and a towering figure in the world of music in general. What a thrill and a pleasure to meet him for the first time today! He is brilliant and articulate, of course, but also charming, approachable, and gracious. He talked about Bach being the center of his musical universe, about his own start in music as a young boy, and he gave a short list of some of his favorite compositions. He also shared his opinion about what makes baroque music so appealing and accessible, and about the need for performers to demonstrate their authentic passion for the music as a way to win over people who might not yet know they love this music. We will be posting my conversation with Ton Koopman soon, and you will no doubt hear in his voice the passion and enthusiasm for the music he lives and breathes and loves so deeply.