Why not?

I recently attended a memorial service for the mother of a friend and musical colleague. She was a woman in her late 80s — an accomplished and beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, neighbor, and philanthropist. For about an hour, people shared stories of her sense of fun, generosity, hospitality, directness and kindness. I knew this lovely lady primarily from her consistent spot in the front row at my performances with her son. She and her late husband were enthusiastic fixtures at every concert, no matter the weather or their schedules, and even as their health declined in their later years.

One speaker at the memorial summed up her life in a way that truly resonates with me. She said that she would often seek her grandmother’s advice about how to proceed with something in her life. “Grandma, should I [fill in the blank]?” And Grandma’s reply was usually an enthusiastic, “Why not??”

So as this new year begins, I hope you will consider this wise and beloved woman’s advice. If you’re thinking about learning something new (a musical instrument, a language, a job skill), trying something different (a food, exercise routine, home, concert), or pursuing some dream on your wish list … ask yourself, “WHY NOT??” Take a first step, and see how it goes!

Happy New Year!

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