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Today’s Sunday Baroque show (7/29/18) includes some highlights about summer music festivals. No matter what genre of music you fancy, there is a music festival suited to your tastes. You may be solely a spectator/listener, or an active participant — summer presents so many rich and rewarding opportunities, so many hands-on possibilities.

I have a wealth of great memories of attending summer festivals over the years, sitting on a beach blanket or perched in summer concert venues enjoying world-class musicians. (And not necessarily baroque, or even classical performances!) As an orchestral and chamber musician, I’ve played my share of memorable summer festival performances, too. A number of my friends have attended summer festival camps for accomplished amateurs, or participated in intensive workshops that culminated in a performance at the end. Some of my professional musical colleagues have participated in summer training programs here and abroad. Perhaps it’s the casual summer mindset, but the music seems to take on a different role and meaning at these summer festivals. It has extra sparkle and fun! Even when it’s an educational setting, the tone is simply different in the summer … more luxurious in a way, more convivial, and with more room to take chances musically.

Are you enjoying summer music festivals this season? Have you participated in summer music workshops or classes, recently or in the past? Please share some of your memorable experiences of Summer music!


4 comments on “Summer Music

  1. Raymond HArrison on

    I was fortunate to hear a concert by Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma at The Mariposa Museum in Peterborough this spring. While neither classical nor Baroque performers they are masters of the Cretan Lyra which is the precursor to European stringed instruments and especially the Viola da Gamba. Both the Lyra and the Viola da Gamba are played vertically. It was thrilling to hear this ancient music played so proficiently and live. They tour Europe throughout the year and teach at their school on the island of Crete but they only visit Boston and nearby New England once each year. If you go to their concert, you will be transfixed both by their music and their talent

  2. Peter Marshall on

    It was 20 years ago this August that I produced a documentary about the La Jolla Chamber Music Festival. We spent a week there interviewing world-class performers such as Menahem Pressler, David Finkel and Wu Han, Richard Stoltzman, the Miami String Quartet, the Kavafian sisters, Cecile Licad, and even some high school students who gave recitals. It was a special, magical time in a beautiful setting; I will always cherish the memory of it.


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