High-Tech Baroque

Once upon a time, if you wanted to hear Sunday Baroque, you had to listen to it on your local radio station at the time it was broadcast. Once the broadcast was over, it was lost forever into the ether. But time marches on, and since I began hosting and producing this program, technology has exploded and there are now many high-tech options for listening. If the program is not broadcast on your local station, you can hear it in realtime on the websites of other stations around the United States. We also now archive each week’s program and make it available directly from our website for a week beginning one day after broadcast. It’s also available through a free app: if you search your preferred app store for “WSHU Public Radio” and download it, Sunday Baroque is one of the sources offered.
I’m curious to know how you listen to Sunday Baroque. Do you listen to the program more than once? Is Sunday Baroque your companion during the week, at work or around the house? Where in the world are you? And what’s your preferred technology for listening? I’m eager to know more about you, our circle of Sunday Baroque listeners, so please check in with your story!

19 comments on “High-Tech Baroque

  1. Darryl Patenaude on

    From San Diego, I listen Sunday morning over the internet and generally will listen to a rebroadcast at least once during the week. Using my Sonos system, it becomes a pleasurable distraction when doing cooking and cleaning.

  2. Ed Greene on

    I have been listening to Sunday Baroque (over the FM airwaves) here in Oxford, CT,
    since it was called “Sunday Morning Baroque”, Suzanne.
    When I’m away (on Sundays) I listen to it on WSHU.org.

  3. David Murrell on

    Hi Suzanne! I’m from Austin, TX. I listen to your program every week via KMFA — it’s my favorite by a significant margin. I especially like the tidbits of historical context you provide for each selection. My music collection has expanded considerably as a result of your efforts. Thanks again!

  4. gerry hunter on

    I listen on Sunday morning via web streams. I made a chart that lets me listen to the whole program, depending on what time in the morning I can start. Thank goodness for the web, or here in Canada this excellent offering would be unavailable.

  5. Jack Clemens on

    I discovered Sunday Baroque on WGUC while living in Cincinnati in the early 2000s. Now I live in Seattle, and I stream the show via your website at various times throughout the week–through headphones at work or on the stereo at home–but almost never during its Sunday morning broadcast. Your program has been a valuable part of my life for quite a long time now, and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

  6. mZim on

    I’ve been listening on WOSU radio in Columbus, Ohio most Sunday mornings. But thanks to this news flash, I’ll get to hear you more often. Thanks!

  7. Raymond Harrison on

    I listen to Sunday Baroque each Sunday morning and very much look forward to hearing each new show. Your show is the exclamation point to my week! I do listen again using either your website or using Tunein which searches online for any radio station that might be playing your program live. I wonder if it would be possible to include more than one past program on your website? I notice that you always keep the last 12 weeks of playlists on your website. Could you also include more actual recorded programs from those last 12 weeks as well. I say this because I have missed several programs and after one week they are no longer available. Not only would I wish to hear the programs once again, but if I am away or miss a program I do not want to miss hearing it! I thank you for bringing this music to so many for 30 years.

    • Suzanne Bona on

      Thanks for your enthusiasm! Our “wish list” includes a server upgrade that would provide sufficient capacity to offer more than just the most recent program on our online stream. The engineers are calculating what we need, and the development folks are seeking some major donors to fund the project. Fingers crossed!

  8. Kim hance on

    Hi, my name is Kim Hance. I have been listening since KWAX, in Eugene Oregon, put your show on the air. I am a dedicated listner. I love baroque music. It does not seem like 30 years. Thank you for all your work. I rarely miss. I have not used any methods to relisten but I do intend to. Your program makes life great! Thanks again.

    • Suzanne Bona on

      Thanks, Kim! 30 years is the anniversary of the original, local version of Sunday (Morning) Baroque on WSHU Public Radio in Fairfield, CT. It has only been a national program for 19 years, and I’m not sure when KWAX began broadcasting the show. But we are so glad they did! 🙂

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