Thanksgiving is this week and, like most people, I’ve been contemplating the many things for which I am thankful. Good health, a warm and safe home, and enough to eat are, of course, at the top of my list. In addition to these essentials, I’m grateful for my relationship with music. What a gift to be able to express myself making music as a performer, listening to music, and sharing it on the radio with you. There are also many people I appreciate in addition to family and friends. There’s YOU — a passionate, curious music lover who listens to Sunday Baroque. There’s also the ace Sunday Baroque production team — Julie, Joelle and Rick — who do the heavy lifting to provide the program to you each week. And we ALL appreciate your financial support of Sunday Baroque on your local public radio station. Here’s wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving with a cornucopia of reasons to be grateful!

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