Month: May 2017

Thanks, Mom!

Although Mother’s Day is now past, it’s always a good time to thank and acknowledge moms who instill music in their children’s lives. Both my parents loved music, and they owned a substantial and somewhat eclectic collection of LPs (and some 78s!) they liked to play in the house. Although she never had any formal musical training, my late mother played the piano we somehow acquired. She couldn’t read a note of music, so the music stand on the piano sat empty. But I can remember being a little girl, and watching her sit at the upright improvising pleasant-sounding chords and melodies. In hindsight, I realize she must have had a terrific ear for music to be able to do that! She’s the one who signed me up for those early ballet lessons, and eventually, encouraged my pursuit of the flute. It certainly had a lasting and positive influence on my life! So, in honor of ALL moms who bring music into the lives of their children and nurture their interests, thank you!

What’s for dinner?

During a dinner party I hosted recently, there was a selection of recorded music playing for background entertainment. Throughout the evening several of the guests noticed and commented on how much they enjoyed particular musical selections. Ever since, I’ve been trying to pinpoint what it was about those selections that caught people’s attention in such a positive way. It was hardly the first time I’ve played music during my social functions, and yet it is the first time I can recall getting so much positive feedback. The crowd included people who are knowledgeable classical music lovers, as well as those who are more oriented to popular music. My playlist was an eclectic mix of musical genres.

It made me wonder what music others use for entertaining. Do you play music when you host a party? What music do you play? How do you choose your playlist? Do you craft something special for a particular event, or just pop in a random CD and hit ‘repeat’ on the CD player? Do you mix musical genres? Please share your ideas for what makes a good musical mix for entertaining!